More Make and Play!

Rainy day but want to play?

These activities are perfect to do.

All you need to make these play creations is the ususal creative stuff like, sticky tape, scissors, old cereal packets, things to colour in with etc.

Right click on each image to open up the instructions. (Word Documents)


These 'Make and Play' activity sheets have been designed and photographed by local young people who are studying art.

Flat Ball Flyer! by Josh

Double Dice and Do It! by Stephen 

(2 x dice and instructions)


3-D Tree by Callum

Five a Day Funny Faces! by Naomi 

Seeing Double! by Ersan and Amie

All of these activities you will need to use scissors, safely! If you need help ask a grown up.





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The 'Make and Play' activity sheets have been created by pupils studying GCE Applied in Arts and Design at Kingsmead Technology College.

With thanks to:

Ian Redpath - 'Sports Leadership' for Kingsmead technology College.

Kathryn Simmonds - Head of Arts - Kingsmead Technology College