Butterfly Mask

 Picture: parent and child making
their mask at the Museum of Cannock Chase



Making masks are a really simple to do, and when you use them you'll be laughing for hours!

Why not have a go and put on a show. Who could you be - a princess at a ball, or a detective in a disguise?

This butterfly mask will start you off.

  • Print off the mask.
  • Trace the design onto strong paper or card.
  • Colour in and add your own patterns. Cut out.
  • You can tie it to your head using ribbon, string or elastic, by tying a length about 30 cm to each black dot and then tying a gentle bow around the back of your head.
  • Do not tie the lengths tight, else the paper or card will break, or you could harm yourself.


What other masks could you draw and colour in, so you could be a different character?

Download your Butterfly Mask to print here.

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