Bug Village

Have fun making one of these!

This activity is fun as it involves going on the hunt to look for interesting things to make the perfect home for bugs! These kids made theirs at the Museum of Cannock Chase.

Follow the instructions.


Get Going!

With your parent, guardian or teacher, go for a 'Gathering Walk' to collect natural materials. These children used an old seed tray, to put their things in, but you could use a bag, bucket or tub.

These children collected things off Hednesford Hills, but you could go to Cannock Chase or a local park. Get looking for interesting shapes.


Be Safe!

Only collect things like twigs, stones, leaves, seeds, cones or grass.
Do not pick up litter, dog mess or anything that is still growing!Use your eyes and spot danger.
Never put your hands near or in your mouth. Things have nasty germs! 
After your walk, it is important to wash your hands


Get Making!

You'll need:

Scissors, glue, sticky tape, felt tip pens, coloured papers, pipe cleaners etc

Piece of card or flat piece of wood will come in handy to put your bugs on.


Step 1

Decorate your piece of card or wood, as a base.

This girl covered her wooden base in blue tissue paper to make a pond.


Step 2

Make your bugs.

Draw eyes on stones, make legs from pipe cleaners or string, and then stick to your decorated base.




This child made a Bug Village Mouse!



This child made a Lady Bug!

Have a go, and think about where you could collect lots of things.






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