Indoor Games

Name - Detective

How many can play?                                                                                                                                                                            3 or more

What do I need?  - Small object                                                                                                     

Someone hides an object, like a toy car, somewhere in a room, while the other players (detectives) are in another room, so they cannot cheat. Once the object is hidden, they call the detectives in, to hunt for it. They move around the room and the person who hid it has to shout “Cold”, if they are nowhere near it and “Getting warmer” if they are getting close to finding it and “Hot Hot Hot” if they are so near to spotting it. Once someone find it, they now hide it.

Haunted House 
How many can play?
3 or more players
What do I need?
One person is the Ghost Hunter and stays put in one place (the base), covers their eyes, and shouts; 1 o’ clock, 2 o’ clock.....While the Ghost Hunter counts, the others who are the Ghosts and Ghouls must hide around the house, until 12 o’clock is shouted.
At, 12 o’ clock – the Ghost Hunter shouts “It’s Midnight and the hunt is on, all ghosts and ghouls - be gone!”
The Ghost Hunter then begins to search the house, but as he or she is looking, the ghosts have to try and get back to base without being seen. The first one back to base without being caught is then the Ghost Hunter.
Doggy - Where’s Your Bone?
How many can play?
3 or more
What do I need?
One chair
One person is the ‘Dog’ and sits on a chair with something that could represent a bone, such as a sock, or a rubber is placed under the chair. The ‘Dog’ is facing away from the other children. The children must silently decide who is going to take the bone and hide it on themselves.
Once ready, the children shout – “Doggy, Doggy, where’s your bone?”
The ‘Dog’ then must guess who has his / her bone! If they guess wrong, the person who has the bone, then plays the dog. If they guess correctly, they have another go.
Can you make me....?
How many can play?                 
4 or more
                          What do I need?
Everyone stands in a circle and one person stands in the middle. The person in the centre turns slowly while saying “Can I make you...........” and then they suddenly stop and point at someone and shouts either “Smile?”, “Move?” or “Giggle?”. 
The person in the centre must then do everything they can, without touching, to make them do whatever they shouted out within, 5 seconds. Those who have not been chosen in the circle, count together, 1 second 2 second 3 seconds 4 seconds, 5 seconds out.
 If they succeed and their opponent smiles, laughs or moves, they swap over and the game begins again. If they lose, they remain in the centre and try someone else!
Tray of Treasures  
How many can play?
2 or more
What do I need?
A tray, small objects and a T-Towel  
Together collect 10 to 20 small objects, like a button, pencil sharpener, a rubber, a teaspoon or a key ring etc. Place these on a tray or table top. Everyone looks at the objects for 1minute, and then they are covered over with a T- Towel. One person removes an object from under the T Towel, while the others are looking away. No cheating! They then have to guess what is missing. Agree how many games you are going to each play and take it in turns being the guesser, so there is no squabbling!
You can score points by how many guesses you have - one point per guess. So whoever scores the lowest is the winner, as they have had the lowest number of guesses. Good Luck!


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