Nurture Garden

The kids at Goorsemoor Primary school in Heath Hayes are always getting their hands dirty!

They've created a fantastic outdoor space for the whole school and community to enjoy, relax and learn in.

Most of all they can now do 'Green Exercise'.


From planting seeds to digging weeds, everyone involved has a great time getting into gardening, watch their film to give you lots of ideas and be inspired!

Right click on the 1st image to open link and see their film.






What is Green Exercise?

Green Exercise is when you undertake activities in, or alongside nature.

Things like going for a bike ride on Cannock Chase, going for a walk Cannock park or in this case, creating a magical garden.


Being in nature really helps both your mental and emotional health, as it calms and relaxes you, and theres nothing better for a good nights sleep than spending a day out in the fresh air!

If your doing a physical activity, like digging, running or walking thats even better, as its a great way to keep fit.

Just look at the smiles on the childrens faces.....thats got to be good for health!