On Ya Bike!

ON YA BIKE DC from Sean Miller on Vimeo.

'On Ya Bike' is a great film to inspire you to make the most of Cannock Chase.

The guys in the film are from Hednesford Valley High, and they really enjoyed it and hope you do too!

A huge thankyou to:

Teachers and pupils at Hednesford Valley High

Swinnerton Cycles

Forestry Commission

Sean Miller and James Haggerty for doing the filming and editing.

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Remember ALWAYS ask your parent or carer if you can go for a bike ride.

Better still take them with you, I bet they could do with the exercise!


We want you all to be safe so check out the following websites:

Cycle Safe - This gives you lots of hints and tips.

Cycling on Cannock Chase - This is for all sorts cyclists,  so get a family member to take a look.

Stuff for the grown ups to read! - This is information for parents / carers when taking your kids out.