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Feeding Our Future
What we eat has a great affect on growth, behaviour, moods and all round physical and mental health and wellbeing.
We should all eat a balanced diet, so that means eating more of foods with essential vitamins and minerals in and less food that is high in fat, sugar and salt. For example, sweets, crisps, chips and fizzy pop etc should be seen as treats and not a daily diet.
Here at The Good Life, we call these 'Lazy Foods', they give you little back in goodness, and you don't even need to prepare or cook them!
Preparing and cooking food can be relaxing and a great activity. It's also simple, as long as you follow the easy steps in storing food safely, cleaning and cooking it properly. The games and films here on the website make these important messages easy to understand.
It is still better to cook and prepare our own food than buying TV dinners, and snacks from the corner shop. 
Have a go at the fun games and cook a meal like the children on the shows, to gain a better understanding of what is meant by a balanced diet.
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