Kids Do Dinner!

Over 50 children from Moorhill Fun Club had a great time creating their own cooking competition. Everyone picked up some great kitchen skills.

The project showed children that they could make and eat a 3 course meal with goodness, for the same price as a packet of crisps and a can of pop!

The children made up their own menus, and by dividing up into teams, they each chose a task. They could prepare the table and serve mocktails, make and serve the starter, main or dessert. The project was supported by Asda in Cannock.

The resulting videos are hillarious and educational for people of all ages. ENJOY!

Click on the images below to view the episodes of Kids Do Dinner!

'Kids Do Dinner' was a partnership project with: Moorhill Fun Club, Cannock Chase Council - Community Wellbeing Arts, Cannock Chase Commissioning Consortium,  South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust,  Get Active and Moorhill Primary School and ASDA Cannock.

The artists who filmed and edited the project were James Burnett from Stand Up Tall Productions and Mark Yorke from Born Communication.

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