Freaky Food Bug Game

Can you beat the bugs before they give you something nasty?

See if you can be the best on the leaders score board.

Freaky Food Bugs - Click to Play

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The Freaky Food Bug Game is a fun way to learn about different bugs, what they can do and how to avoid them, so you don't become poorly.

Our deadliest weapons to fight against food bacteria and bugs are:

The oven! - Cook food properly. These meanies hate being tooooo hot!

The Spray Gun and Soap Pump! - Be Clean. Always wash hands, work surfaces and cutlery properly before preparing or eating food using anti bacterial products.

Being Clever! - Avoid Contamination! Some foods can be deadly when raw, such as chicken. So make sure bugs and bacteria from these foods don't get put onto other things.

The Fridge! - Get Chilling! If is says on the food instructions serve chilled or store in fridge, do it! They hate the cold...Brrrrrr!